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Trios is an expanding company whose uniqueness and strength is based upon a combination of deep technical know how and profound knowledge of the needs of the asset owners.

Nowadays it is trend that asset owners outsource many maintenance activities to specialised service providers. In time the asset owners risk loosing the expertise to in-depth understand those outsourced maintenance activities. Asset owners become dependent on the service providers, whose goals, per definition, are not aligned with the goals of the asset owners.

Hans-Werner Maus
Head of Operations

Key of Trios success is the capability to drastically improve and sustain asset owner expertise in all maintenance disciplines.

Asset owners retain control over the outsourced maintenance activities which leads to a significant improvement of safety statistics and economic profit.

The Trios concept is based upon accessibility of numerous resources. A global network of experts is available to perform all services offered.

Next to this, Trios has close contacts to well known educational institutes, equipment manufacturers, research institutes and technology & safety associations all over the world.

Trios headquarters is located in Europe, with training and testing facilities in Germany.

Trios is a privately owned company which enables independent consulting and support.


Trios GmbH
Kuhweg 1
D-57635 Forstmehren

Mail: email@trios-expertise.com

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